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If you have a product or service to sell, the best way to generate customers and thereby sales, is to have an online presence. If you can make a website for yourself, there is nothing as good but if you have no knowledge of building a website, you can hire the services of a professional and get the site made as per your requirements and likings within no time at all. But having a nice website to attract prospective customers visit your site is just the beginning as you need to find a web hosting company that keeps your site up and running all the time so that you never miss any of the potential customers.

There are many other factors that are important as well in deciding a good web hosting company.

There are scores of web hosting companies with different plans and features that makes the task of choosing the best one for your requirements a tough job. The problem gets compounded because of so many biased interviews heavily loaded in favor of web hosting companies.

What do you do then to choose a decent web hosting company as this is one decision on which rests the success or otherwise of your online venture.

Of the many that claim so much, very few are true to what they promise. Hostgator is one such private web hosting company that is a new entrant in comparison to many others but has become very popular owing to its excellent features and a dedicated customer support that never lets you down.

At present, in its 9th year of inception, Hostgator is hosting around a million websites which is proof enough of its uncompromising quality standards.

Hostgator has web hosting plans starting from just $4.95 which is a big attraction for retail websites as they can easily afford this small fee and avail world class services from Hostgator. There are no hidden fees which is an irritant in the case of many other web hosts. Hostgator provides unlimited disc space and a promise of 99.9% uptime that ensures your customers never find the site unavailable.

Though Hostgator is a company that hosts sites of very small sites to sites of large corporate houses, it is known for its economical web hosting services that suit retail websites that are just starting up. With a 24X7 support through chat, email, and telephone, a customer is never away from a quick solution to his problems.

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