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Writing content may seem like a lot of work, for some people writing articles every single day is considered a lot of work and usually people fail because of the lack of content that their websites have, today I am going to share with you several tips that are going to help you create lots of high quality, unique, well written content that the search engines like Google will love.

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How To Create Tons of AMAZING Website Content

If you are a webmaster you probably know that content is king right, well it sounds easy but a lot of website owners have a lot of problems generating quality content, here we tell you how to get unique content for your website.

Now, why do we care and why do we want to create great content for our websites? Here is the deal, imagine if you turned on the TV and all they showed were the same shows over and over again? Or if you visited your favorite website and they had the same information, would you go back? Probably not, the same situation applies to your business or affiliate website, you need to create fresh new content that your visitors will love so that they continue to come back to you over and over, you want to create content that is relevant to  your services or products and you want to create content that is helpful, when you do this, your visitors will see you as an expert and will be more than happy to buy from you, that is the reason why you need high quality content.

Unique content – how do I get it:

* Well first thing is write it your self, yes if you want to start a new site create a website on a subject that you already know, if you are a good skateboarder then start a website about skateboarding, it does not make any sense to start a website on a subject that you do not have any knowledge on writing your own content will give you better results than just copying others people content.

* Rewrite articles – I do not recommend this but if you really need content and you do not want to copy or get articles from articles directories you can rewrite an article using different words, you need to be careful though some search engines are able to detect this and they can filter out your site.

* Hire a content writer, this is probably the best option if you want quality content for your site, you can hire friends, family or even students and pay them for unique content. The prices may vary but usually you can get a 500 word article for less than ten dollars. Always make sure that you are not paying for duplicated content since it will not have the same results that a unique article could give you and make sure to read each and every article that you purchase and check to make sure that it is not duplicate content.

* Make a top 10 list of something for writing, yes this is a good technique for people that hate writing, if you make a list of something you can generate content for your site without having to explain much, for example write a list of the top 10 ways to make money online.

* You can also find ghost writers on Fiverr, on their site you can pay people for unique content. I have used them before and they truly offer a great service, when you hire a content writer make sure that you are verify specific as far as what you want, the more direction that you give them the better the article will be, always ask for sample articles that they have written before hiring a ghost writer or an content creator.

* Make a short description of a picture, if you have pictures in your site make a 100 word description of what happened in that picture this is a great way to generate great content for your site, remember that search engines can not read images they can only read text. You can apply the same technique for videos.

* Buy private label articles directly from ghost writers, they usually have written articles that you can purchase at a low price. There are many places out there like Digital Point Forums where you can get people to write for you or you can buy the content that they had previously written.

* Hire a full time article writer for your site, this applies to a business that is already profitable and that is generating good revenue, if your business relies on content and you want to have new and fresh content posted out there every day you want to hire a full time writer that will create new articles every single day, this is a great investment in your business and if your company can afford it you will see good returns on your investment.

* Generate user generated content, start a forum people talk on your forum and the content is yours.  You can also use comments as a form of content, open your WordPress blog to allow comments and approve them, this will add more value to your posts and as long as you moderate them you should be safe, if your registered users provide good value make sure to allow a link back to their websites so that they continue to come back and provide more content.

As you can see, creating fresh content for your website can be a lot of work but there are ways around it, no matter if you invest your own time to write your own articles, you pay someone or you setup your website to allow user generated content, your business needs it and it needs to be created every single day, in my own opinion, every website needs to be updated at least once or twice a day with a new piece of content, if you are not doing this you are missing out of the possibility of new leads or sales.

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