Developing Domain Names Into Profitable Businesses

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How To Develop Domain Names

Buying domain names can be a very profitable business, but if you want to increase your profits and take it a step further you can develop your domain names into fully functional websites and drive even more traffic and make even more money. Domaining is a very fun business, you think get an idea and then you go ahead and register that domain, you park it and then you wait for the money to start coming in, but unless you own or you will not get a lot of traffic right away, now if you develop a domain name with a basic website that is search engine optimized your chances of making more money can increase drastically.

The benefit of domaining is that its relatively easy, you register a domain name and park it, but most of the time your traffic does not grow and you have to buy hundreds of domain names to make some money, you can buy a domain name and try to resell it but some people will not give you a lot of money.

Now with a website you can register almost any domain name and if you provide quality content and you can start making money fairly easily, the best part about this is that it is a very easy to scale business, a good tool or a way to entertain people or provide a good product then you can turn that $9 dollar domain into hundreds of dollars a month.

This mini guide will teach you how to register and develop any domain name into a profitable website.

* To start register a domain name, I use Namecheap.
* Get a hosting reseller account for less than $10 dollars a month (usually unlimited domains or no less than 100 domains), you can get a web hosting reseller account at Hostgator.
* Create a basic template (square with header, footer, content area and navigation) using a basic wysiwyg html program, (Frontpage, Dreamweaver) etc.
* Add 5-10 pages of content, get an Adsense and CJ account.
* Add your Google Adsense code, replace affiliate links etc.
* Do a bit of promotion, go to forums, mention your site (DO NOT SPAM PLEASE) etc.
* Move on to your next domain.

If you have a high quality site with good information traffic will grow month after month, if you wrote unique content the search engines will start sending you traffic and your profits will increase. In my opinion this is ten times better than parking a domain and doing nothing with it.

Now, if you want to turn this from a hobby into a real business you can easily register a domain name, setup the infrastructure using a CMS and a web hosting account and you can pay writers to write quality content for your websites, as your traffic grows you can continue to invest your earnings into more content until you have a business in autopilot, you will basically have a content machine that drives users to your pages and generates sales.

There are several key factors that you will need to consider when developing a domain name, just like anything it will take a lot of effort or money to build, you want to provide a quality service that provides value to your visitor, it make take more than a few months for your business to grow but if you continue to provide valuable information that helps people your traffic will grow over time.

The key to any business is to take action, you will at the least need to register your domain name and pay for hosting, if you cannot afford a content writer you will need to create the content yourself, if you do not have patience for your websites to build traffic slowly you will need to pay for traffic or pay someone to promote it for you, if not it might take a little longer, however if you continue to create value every single day and if you provide content that helps people you will be able to generate sales and income.

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