Does Buying Text Link Ads Still Work?

Buy Text Link Ads For Website Traffic and Better SE Rankings.

Did you know that one of the most important things in search engine optimization is your sites link popularity, this tells the search engines what sites are popular and what sites are not, the more one way text links that point to your site the better search engine placement you will get.

There are many services out there that allow you to advertise your website by buying text links and sending that traffic to your affiliate offers or your own domain, today we are going to talk about the benefits of link building and buying text links on relevant websites to your niche.

For example if you have a site about “SEO” you will need to get links that point to your site with your targeted keywords on the anchor text.

There are many factors that will determine your search engine position, first the quality of the link this is one of the most important things that you need to know, quantity is good but quality is better if a site that talks about “Search Engine Optimization” is linking to you and if that site itself has good link popularity it will have a higher weight with your search engine rankings. So if you get back links to your site make sure that the site Title has your keywords in it, make sure that the content of the site is related to your site and that the site has a good Page Rank or link popularity, also it is better to get back links from sites that do not have more than 20 outgoing text links.

So how is having many links pointing to your site help you, well basically if relevant sites are point to you the readers from those sites will also visit your site, also when the search engines crawl those sites they will give your site a positive vote and they will rank your sites higher for those terms, having text links point to your site is great for off site search engine optimization and traffic.

Getting back links can be a very difficult thing to achieve but there are ways to buy text links and start getting great traffic and to start ranking great on the search engine.

Here is a easy way to get PR5+ text links very cheap Text Link Ads is a marketplace for text links in that site you can buy many text links with great link popularity and Alexa Rank at very low prices, a lot of webmasters are able to buy PR6 “very powerful” text links for as little as $15 dollars remember that sites with good Alexa and link popularity can drive a ton of traffic to your site and the best thing is that you only pay a monthly fee, you do not pay per click so it does not matter if your site gets ten thousand clicks, you pay the same amount of money.

So remember this is the formula for great traffic and search engine position with text link ads, find relevant links with good link popularity and Alexa rankings!

Another thing that you will need to consider when buying text link ads is the Page Rank of the site, a PR7 text link has more weight that a Page Rank 4, I also recommend to buy 3 or 4 links instead of just one and finally remember that page rank updates usually happen every 3 months, so just ask on a forum when was the last update and count 3 months from that.

If you want to start making money online you will need to spend some money at first but remember traffic is the key to be successful on the internet.

Text link ads are great for two things for targeted website traffic and for a better search engine placement.

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