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Are you having a hard time generating traffic to your website? There are many things that you can do to generate traffic to your website, if you are looking to generate more sales you will need quality traffic that converts, there is one interesting way to get traffic that I have experimented in the past and this is popup and pop-under traffic, there are networks out there that will send you traffic from websites that are relevant to your niche, the way it works is very simple, you pay a network an amount and when a person loads a website or exits the website a popup appears (your website), this gives the user who left a website the opportunity to visit another web page and consider reading their content.

Popup & Popunder Website Traffic

This type of traffic has been on the Internet for many years, popups and popunder ads have existed since the start of the Internet and they still continue to be one more way that you can buy traffic and send real visitors to your website. This type of traffic is generated with a small script usually a JavaScript that opens a new browser window with an advertisement, one way to make this popup less annoying is to set it so it opens behind the original web page, that way it will not distract the visitor from reading the content that they intended, then once the visitor decides to close the window they will see the advertisement that popped under.

Popups are usually used to give the visitor a message about an offer or a promotion, popup traffic is usually bought by the CPM (every thousand impressions) at very low prices. You can buy popup traffic for as little as $1 per thousand impressions.

Popups are also used for branding, if you want to show your logo to a thousand people popups are great for doing that, one of the biggest problems with popups is that new browsers and programs now have the ability to block them so if you do not want to see popup advertisements you can download or set your browser to block them. People really hate them because they are intrusive if you are looking at a website and then a message comes up you can get annoyed really quick, many companies still use popups because they are very cheap and some amount of people still respond to them.

Popunders is another way of generating traffic to your site, this action happens when you visit a website and another page loads on the background, this type of traffic has a bit better results because the visitor can still check out the initial website and when they close it another similar site will be on the background ready for you to read, popunders are also triggered with JavaScript’s you can buy this type of traffic by the thousand impressions or CPM.

There are many ways to use popunders but some companies are using them to request an action, you can set up a popunder for your visitors to let them know about additional offers from your site.

Finally Exit Popups are generated when you visit a site and you close the window, some companies use popunders to ask the visitors to come back or to show them new offers, for example, if you have a domain registration site and your visitors leave without buying something you can set up an exit popup to let them know that they can get a discount if they buy today.

Popups, Popunders and Exit Popups are great ways to show offers to visitors and they can be great ways to increase sale if they are used properly.

So where can you buy pop up or pop under traffic well PPC Mate, is a great site where you can buy traffic by the CPM this site can give you traffic from the United States and the rest of the world you can also target traffic by category.

Their rates are also great you can get 10,000 credits for very little money, traffic can be in the form of a floating pop in the banner, a full page pop under the banner and many more

Pop under traffic is an easy way to generate thousands of unique visits to your site but most of that traffic is not very targeted and it can result in very low conversions.

How to generate leads with pop up or pop under traffic?

Now, as you have heard a million times, the money is in your list! This can be very true, there are many things that you can do with this kind of traffic, there are strategies used to generate affiliate sales or to just generate thousands of visits to your website however I am going to share with you a strategy that has worked for me with almost any kind of traffic.

Now, you have to make sure that this is real traffic, you want to receive real visitors that are reading the content of the website, you do not want to see bot-generated traffic, most networks nowadays are very good at monitoring that the traffic that they are offering is legit, if this is the case then here is what you can do.

1. Create a landing page where you can lead your visitors to a free ebook or free content in exchange for their email address, this is very simple to do and there are many opt-ins generators out there that can help you with this.

2. Using your AWeber, capture emails and build your list, you can buy several thousand visitors and see what kind of conversion rates you get, you want to get at least a 20% conversion rate, this means that out of every 100 visitors you want to receive a minimum of 20 new subscribers.

3. Now that you have captured their email address you can send them offers each month, links to your new content etcetera, do not spam people and if they ask to be removed, please remove them, always work on improving your conversions from your mailing list and you can monetize them for life if you know what you are doing.

As you can see, you can still make money from pop-under and pop up traffic, just focus on your strategy and measure your conversion rates and you will succeed.

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