Free and Paid Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Probably one of the most difficult things about having a website and trying to revenue is traffic yes without website traffic you can have the coolest most beautiful site but it will not help if you do not have traffic and viewers looking at it traffic is the life of your business.

Paying for Website Traffic vs Free Traffic

Paid Ways To Drive Instant Website Traffic
Drive traffic to your website with pay per click advertising
Buy text links for website traffic and search engine rankings
Popup and Pop under Advertising
Banner Advertising for more website traffic
Buy website traffic with software
Expired Domain Traffic
Buy traffic from directories
Start your own affiliate program and bring more traffic to your ecommerce site

Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Get targeted traffic for free with your Ezine Articles
Get free search engine traffic with your content
Build a community for free traffic
Link exchange brings lots of traffic
Using social networks for traffic
How a forum can bring lots of traffic to your site
Bring traffic with your email signature
Blog comments for instant traffic
Syndicate content for great traffic
Traffic Exchange Programs
Starting a blog for great website traffic
Record a video for insane traffic
Viral Marketing
Start a contest
Write a press release

Traffic to your website is probably the most important thing that you will need to be successful online if you are promoting affiliate programs or if you have pay per click ads you will need traffic to generate revenue, apply these techniques and you will be very successful online!

Learn how to get back links to your site

Link building for off site search engine optimization will help you rank higher with the search engines here we show you different ways to get links that point to your site to increase your site traffic.

Make people want to link to your site without you asking for it, how? Great content or with a great service for example Dropbox is a site that allows you to upload huge files, how do they get thousands of links well when you upload a file users will go to forums and post the download link.

Another example are template websites, when you use one of their templates you need to provide a back link to the designer.

Write articles and put a link in the author box
Start a counter service anyone using your service will need to provide a link back to your site
Become a member of a forum and use your signature
Submit your site to a website directory
Buy text links, yes this will cost you money but it a very effective way to get the links that you want
Do relevant link exchanges with other webmasters, use search engines and look for phrases like “exchange link with us” + “your site title” this will give you results of sites looking for link exchanges and that are relevant to your site
Submit your articles to Digg and other social sites you will probably not make it to the font page but search spiders crawl this links every day, you can get a nice increase in your popularity
Use your RSS feeds, do not syndicate all of your content just a part of it, many webmasters create entire websites using feeds, that is a one way link to your site
Submit a press release
Trade articles with other webmasters
Get the media attention, many bloggers will link back to you
Be controversial people will talk about you
Link back to other sites, many webmasters check their back links, they might link back to you
Tag sites like
If you own an eCommerce site get listed in your local yellow book, they also have websites and they will link back to you
Place ads in classifieds sites like Craigslist
Answer questions in Yahoo Answers
Get links from Wikipedia, if you are a good resource the link will not be removed.
Comment in blogs related to your industry, yes most blogs use the NOFOLLOW tag but they are still great for traffic.

Top SEO Optimization Tips and Tricks

So what is search engine optimization, well for years webmasters have been trying to optimize their websites to rank better with the search engines SEO basically is a way to make your website rank well for a term or phrase. Search engines are great for delivering targeted website traffic by doing a little bit of SEO you can get a piece of that traffic and generate more leads or sales.

Here are some of the top SEO optimization tips

Do not buy a new domain, this is a pretty big factor since most search engines can determine the age of a domain and they usually rank older domains better than new ones, an old domain is a domain that was never dropped and it is 3 years or older, an old domain will usually cost you more than a new one but it is worth the price since you will not get in the Google sandbox and it will rank faster in this site you can buy old domains at affordable prices.

If you decide to buy a new domain name you need to include your main keywords in the url this will allow search engines determine what type of website you have.

Structure your filenames for example if your site is and you are writing an article about “more sites” you do not want to make your url 123bdg.html you want to make it “moresites.html” this technique also applies for images and other file types.

Write unique high quality content, do not copy articles from other article directories since the duplicate content filter will prevent your site from getting free website traffic.
Always use unique titles and meta tags for each of your web pages, if you have the same title on each page you will not get more traffic since the search engines will think that all pages are the same.

Use alt tags for your images, the search engines can not know what an image is about unless you give it a description.

Use H1 and H2 headings in your site, make sure that they are relevant to your content.
Make sure that your content is keyword rich, keyword density does not matter a lot but make sure that your primary keywords appear in the content.

Now for off site optimization you will not to get links from relevant sites you can do this either by buying text links or by doing link exchanges.

Make sure that your inbound links have keywords in the anchor text.
If your site is has not been indexed try to submit them to the top search engines.

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