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Cheapest web hosting

When you are running a small online business, there are so many expenses that saving from any angle is a welcome sign. If this saving were to come in the form of cheap hosting per year, there is nothing better for your business. However, you have to avoid the trap set by cheap web hosting companies where the only attraction is the rock bottom hosting prices worth very poor services and less than 99% up time for the website. It is like putting your money down the drain. Finalizing a web host without making an analysis of the plan to check on the features that you will be getting is like buying a shirt without putting it on.

First and foremost, ensure there is enough room for your site to grow. This means you need more than necessary disk space and bandwidth to provide for future expansion. You expect your site to grow in size and popularity, don’t you? Is there a website builder within the control panel you are getting? If yes, you stand to save a lot of money as you can build a beautiful site on your own without hiring the services of a professional. If you are setting up an online shop with lots of products, getting shared SSL or full SSL certificate is a guarantee to your customers of safety and security of their payment details.

One feature that is critical for any new website owner is support from the web host whether it is technical or simple. You can check on the efficiency of the support staff by mailing a query and then seeing how long it takes for the support to mail you back. Another important feature is uninterrupted uptime of more than 99% so that a potential customer never misses the website. However, these are only a few features and different website owners have different requirements which means checking on beforehand is a must to not have disappointment later on.

Hostgator is one of the oldest web hosting companies having started a long time ago. Situated in the United States, the company is today hosting hundreds of thousands of domains and is particularly known for cheap hosting per year despite not compromising on service and features. The company is fiercely competitive and has a 24X7 support that is very assuring for website owners.

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Best budget web hosting company for new websites with little traffic

If you have just started off, it can be tricky to stick to a web host that is not cheap to say the least. You already have so many expenses to look after; trying to establish your business that the fees of the web hosting company seems very irritating. But the problem is that the cheapest of the web hosts are often not the best budget web hosting companies. It becomes a catch 22 situation really. Should I go for the cheapest or keep looking for best budget web hosting company. It is not a question of minimum amount but rather one of getting the best out of a minimum amount. Let us analyze it further and find the best budget hosting company for those who really need to save every penny they can.

Yes, there are hundreds of web hosting companies with even more types of plans with different features to suit the requirements of various website owners. If you are also one of those who are looking for maximum for a minimum, you must understand the difference between cheapest and best budget hosting. It is like trying to get cake and eat it too. You know your requirements and it is up to you to find out the site that fulfills all your requirements in the least amount of fees. There is nothing better if you are able to find a company that is also able to provide a few add-ons as a bonus.

Let me suggest or rather recommend a web host if you are looking for a low cost web hosting company that is also full of features you want in your web host. One of the cheapest web hosts around, Namecheap Hosting has a starting plan with a fee of just $3.88 per month. If you have a simple site with no special requirement, you would be more than happy with the customer support and other services of the company. If you are susceptible, you can have a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with any feature, you can have your fee back.

One feature that impresses all its customers is a toll free number which really works and any customer can have his queries answered and problems resolved anytime of the day. The company is in the business of web hosting for a long time and today it is hosting hundreds of thousands of sites with plans that are customized to suit the requirements of the website owners.

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Looking to save more on hosting? How about 25%

The 25% HostGator Coupon Code

HostGator is a well-known company in the industry of web hosting. If you are thinking about making a website for your business, then you need some hosting space for you to host down your site. The Hostgator provides a good hosting space. Actually, there are certain reasons for choosing HostGator as hosting company, but there are good reasons why you should choose HostGator and one of those is because of its 25% coupon code.

If you are thinking about the other reasons why you must choose HostGator, then here are some of it for you:

• It does not only provide shared hosting, yet different hosting services as well. HostGator offers reseller hosting, VPS hosting as well as dedicated servers hosting at a very cheap rate. Thus, in case you have to upgrade to high end hosting, you could surely do that with HostGator without changing the hosting company. Keep in mind that changing hosting company is really a big headache. It would always be a good choice if you could upgrade the service with the same hosting company.

• HostGator also offers 24/7 support through their live chat and landline. It has free toll number for support. Thus, it would be very beneficial for customers to get the support through the toll free number. You could get help and the same time that you want. Support is the main reason why you should choose Host Gator.

• It has a proven theory as well as experience of handling the hosting services. HostGator had satisfied customers around the world. They currently host more than millions of domains within the company. Thus, you already know how much experience the company has.

Those things have given you enough reason to choose HostGator. Now, it’s time for you to get the 25% Hostgator coupon code. Just like any online store, HostGator also provides discount in the form of coupon codes. Whenever you try searching the net, you will surely find many available coupon codes.

However, since you are after 25% discounts, you have to know that this kind of promotional codes offer discount of about $25. You could use them if you are choosing long term hosting plans. For monthly plans, you could use $25 off codes, yet it would not do any good, as you will be getting a maximum of $9.95 discount though you are only using 25% off codes. Now, you already have to idea on how to get discounts and save up your funds with HostGator.

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