How to Add Adsense to a Blog in Easy Steps 2019

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Want to monetize your blog or website the easy way? Have heard about Google Adsense but do not know how to add Adsense to a blog? Read on as this article will help and guide you on earning while satisfying your creative urge. For one, this is one business that you can start without any money and still reap the rewards if you follow simple steps mentioned in this article.

Anyone can add Adsense to his blog but remember a golden rule to have some benefit from this addition. You must eliminate all distractions between a visitor to your blog and the money making machine on the blog, Adsense. You must be able to make it as easy as possible for the readers to click on the ads.

This is possible only when there are no distractions between him and the ads. The thing to remember is that you must do a lot of research on the keywords before finalizing the ads as readers who have come to your site or blog are in search of something and your job is to get placed ads that are very closely related to that search. This increases the likelihood of click through on the ads that you place using Adsense.

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There are people who are making as much money, if not more, by placing Adsense on their blog than they are making by promoting a product or service. If this is the case, there is no need to concentrate on any other trick.

You need to begin by picking up Adsense code and converting it to add the changed code to your blog. You have to take help of the Adsense code converter for this. Once code conversion is complete, you need to paste the code on to your blog. If you do not know how to add Adsense to a blog, follow this simple step. Log in to Blogger account where your blog is.

Click on the layout of your blog. Some links will open at the top of the page where you see Edit HTML. Click on it and then click Expand Widget Templates. Now search for the following code in the template.

Pick this code and paste it either at the top or at the bottom depending upon where you want to see the Adsense ads appearing in the blog. Save the changes and you will start to see ads in your blog posts.

Setting up Google Adsense Auto Ads

One amazing feature that Google has recently launched is their Google Auto Ads option which allows bloggers to monetize their blog by adding one piece of code and it will automatically add advertisements without you having to add more code on it, it does this automatically and it fills out spots where you could not place ads before.

The best part about this feature is that it will learn from your traffic and it will maximize your revenue without you having to do any additional testing, this will save you hundreds of hours of work a year! I have tested this feature in several of my websites with a lot of success, I highly recommend that you try this feature and see if you can benefit from it.

To read more about this feature check the link below:

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