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Welcome to Making Affiliate Money, here you will learn how to earn money recycling, our articles will show you exactly what you need to do to start recycling and making money. With this business, there are many ways you can make money recycling, we will teach you how it is done, even though this is an affiliate marketing blog, a lot of the business knowledge can be applied to both offline and online.

This is what you will learn in this article, this type of business can be easily scaled into a very lucrative venture:

How To Earn Money Recycling Electronics
How To Earn Money Recycling Metals (such as aluminum cans)
How To Earn Money Recycling Paper
How To Earn Money Recycling Glass
Various Tips To Help You Make Money Recycling

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Learning about the Business of Recycling
This content has been created to teach people what recycling can do to our planet and also the money that can be made in this business. Everybody wins, if you recycle you make money and you also help keep our planet alive.

If you want to learn about the value of precious metals, read Paul Kerna’s Silver ETF article, now let’s get started.

Recycling Old Cell Phones for Cash

Old Smartphone

Recycle Old Cellphones

Recycle your old cell phones and get cash back! Most people just toss their old cell phones in a closet or even to the trash when they get a new one.

As long as your old phone still powers up and functions correctly you can recycle your phone and get cash back! Earn a little extra money simply by collecting old cell phones and mailing them in! Get an estimate of how much your old cell phones can bring in now, even if your phone does not work, there are metals that can be extracted like Gold and Silver.

Please continue to read below to learn how much your old cell phones are worth. Prevent your friends & family from trashing their old cell phones and turn them in to cash money today!

Use a Can Crusher when Recycling Aluminum Cans

Earn Money Recycling |

To help facilitate your aluminum can recycling efforts, you should consider using a can crusher. These devices help you quickly reduce the space necessary to store your aluminum cans. The particular device seen in the video below is capable of crushing up to 18 cans every minute!

So once you have a decent amount of aluminum cans collected you can quickly use this can crusher machine to reduce the cans to 1/4 of their original size. Having the cans crushed will allow you to store more aluminum cans in a smaller amount of space and this also is very valuable when you are ready to transport the cans to your local recycling facility.

You will still have the same amount of aluminum to turn in, however you will have less boxes (or whatever you transport your cans in to the recycling facility) to carry in with you since you have reduced the cans to 1/4 of their original size. Can crushers such as the one seen below are necessary for those who plan on making money from recycling aluminum cans in bulk.

You can even make your own can crusher. As you can see below, this is a homemade can crusher, yet it is very functional and fairly easy to build. Search around on the internet for various plans on how to build your own can crusher. If you are not the DIY type, then there are many manufacturers that sell many models and variations of can crushers – just do a quick Google search to find what you are looking for or buy one already made on Amazon (aluminum can crusher).

Recycling Glass for Cash

Glass bottles

Recycle Glass Bottles

Earn Money Recycling |

Interested in recycling all your glass bottles and jugs and turning them in to cash? You should consider using a glass crusher. These devices will reduce the space necessary to store glass which you plan on recycling.

Start collecting all your friend’s bottles as well  and maybe even setup a box to collect items at your office. Once you have accumulated a significant amount then you can take your glass to your local recycling center in exchange for cash. Why throw glass bottles away when you could be saving them and converting them in to cash? For the serious glass recyclers take a look at these glass crushers.

Aluminum Cans to Ashtrays

Earn Money Recycling |

I came across this video earlier today and thought it was both interesting and a good idea. If you are looking for a quick and cheap way to make some ashtrays then this video is definitely for you. This is another great way to recycle aluminum cans and make something out of them. Now if you decide to keep the ashtrays you will not make money, however you will make good use out of the recycled cans, or you can sell them on eBay and make a few bucks.

Make Money Recycling Aluminum Cans
Earn Money Recycling |

Aluminum cans

Recycling Aluminum Cans

One method to earn money by recycling is well known by many people  recycling aluminum cans (Coke, Beer, etc.). However, for some reason many people continue to throw their aluminum cans in to the trash instead of simply recycling them.

Did you know that the average person consumes 2.5 beverages each day while at work? What if you started a recycling bin at your office and collected all the cans generated by your co-workers? Each can is roughly worth $0.01 and although this does not sound like very much money you can accumulate enough cans to make this form of earning money by recycling worthwhile.

Some interesting facts about recycling aluminum cans:
Although there are tons of cans currently being thrown away and not recycled, over 50% are currently being recycled. This results in roughly 163 MILLION cans being recycled EVERY DAY! Another amazing fact is that once an aluminum can is recycled it can be back in a store like new in under two months!

I find it amazing that the recycling process can occur so quickly. I bet you would have never guessed that by recycling one aluminum can you were saving enough energy to run your TV for about 3 hours! Last year there were enough cans recycled to save the energy equivalent to 15 million barrels of crude oil. Aluminum is a very sustainable metal – in fact roughly 2/3rd of all the aluminum every produced is still in use today!

Earn Money with Recycling Bins
Earn Money Recycling |

When you think about recycling something it may be with the mere intention of protecting your environment and safeguard humanitarian interests. But honestly, give it a second thought. There’s a lot of money in the garbage that’s going around you. You can choose to recycle their components of the thrash bin any time of the week.

It’s all about realization. The good thing is if you segregate all your garbage and put it in separate places, which implies the right recycling centers; you’re going to make a lot of money of it. Let’s say you put a bin outside of the community hall and ask everyone who visits to put in their old newspapers. Not only will you be able to transport the paper to the right place but this gives you an opportunity to make money by recycling the bin filled old newspapers.

You can have a bin put up anywhere if you go about it with a serious and social intent. You can ask people in the neighborhood to drop in anything. It could be waste electronics, plastic, paper, glass or even metal.

Once your bin is full take it to your recycling center and let them do the needful. They’ll treat it appropriately and save the world and for your gallant effort they’ll give you money. This is a great option because you can have your bin filled in no time and as soon as you deliver them you get money in exchange. It’s an easy money making option and the opportunity is open to all.

Earn Money Recycling Paper


Earn Money Recycling Paper

Earn Money Recycling |

If you thought that earning money by recycling waste was only a way to make money for schools in the neighborhood think again. You could be doing the very same thing to help protect your environment and at the same time make some money for yourself. This is really an important task and the more aware you are, the more protected your surrounding will be. The best part in this process of protecting and conserving is your profit. Can you imagine making money for things you consider thrash?

Earn money by recycling paper simply by bringing the paper you collect to paper retriever bins that are placed around you. You can take all of this to the recycling company itself. Schools benefit from such programs as well because such action can actually go on to save a lot of money that would have been otherwise used in hauling fees, as such recycling companies offer payouts for those who participate in such programs.

The great thing being you needn’t really go too far to find help. Inquire at the community hall or your neighborhood gatherings and you’ll get to know about various paper recycling companies that will reimburse you for your efforts.

The job is easy and you could do it in your spare time. So next time you see paper lying around, don’t just watch it. Pick it up and put it in the right place and make money of it. The job’s easy and you can even get young ones at home started right away. Let them know what’s right and help them develop a good habit. As a family unit you’ll not only benefit but even make even more money of it.

Recycle Electronics and Earn Money
Earn Money Recycling |

With technology developing and advancing at such a steady rate, there are new gadgets and gizmos available in the market on an ongoing basis. This is what happens. There are too many people using pen drives, mp3 players and cell phones and the likes. As and when there’s something new the old one is shelved by users and if for some reason it ceases to function, most people will simply discard it.

These electronics have so many components and mostly there are plastic and metal components. As such, these could lie around in the universe forever and cause irreversible damage. Further more, they have lead or lithium batteries that could be combustible and can cause a hazard of sorts. So instead of just disposing it, it’s so much better to ensure that you dispose it at the right place.

This is what you can do. Take all the old electronics, including your kids remote controlled toys, just about anything that’s related to electronics and make sure you drop it off at the recycling center rather than in the garbage.

Your effort not only helps save your environment but the recycling center will weigh your donation and reimburse you for it. Of course you’re not going to get a full value but the scrap is evaluated and you’ll be given some money. So when it comes to electronic waste, do the right thing, recycle and make money of it.

You can earn money every time you have something to recycle. The majority of takers for such recycling ventures are school bodies who use the money as an additional fund source, so learn from the example and you could be making money too.

Recycling can be Fun and Rewarding!

As you can see, there are many ways to make money both offline and online, the recycling business can be very profitable and it is actually a huge industry, you can earn money recycling and also document your process and post it on Youtube, you can earn from the recycled materials and also from the ad revenue and affiliate commissions if you recommend products, a very profitable business model if you put your mind, time and energy into it.

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