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Welcome to Making Affiliate Money, here you will learn how to earn money recycling, our articles will show you exactly what you need to do to start recycling and making money. With this business, there are many ways you can make money recycling, we will teach you how it is done, even though this is an affiliate marketing blog, a lot of the business knowledge can be applied to both offline and online.


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Affordable Windows Server

Since the Internet is becoming more and more advanced each and every day. It is becoming more accessible to people around the globe and the number of websites are greatly increasing too. Each and every day, you could see new websites being launched. This has actually led up to great increase in the number of web hosting providers. If you could truly understand the technology being used in making your website, you could surely choose the best hosting for this matter. Well, if a certain site is created with ASP .net framework, then choosing a good hosting is not totally different from others.


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Content Writer

One of the most frequent questions I posed blog readers and editors who ask me for interviews in the media is what is the key to the success of a blog? This demand has increased in recent weeks with the arrival of Google and its constant changes in algorithms: which begs the question, what type of content continues to rank in 2020?

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Places to find free one way text link the best sources and tips, as you might already know SEO is a very important part of building a successful business online, without the Search Engines you will have very little visibility online, aside from building your own list having a good rankings will provide you with website traffic that converts really well, today we are going to cover how to get free text links to your website in 2020.

Increase your one way text links with these free sources for your web site, since a good percentage of getting ranked in Google comes from having a lot of backlinks it is crucial that you have time set aside so that you can build backlinks daily.

Places to find free one way text link the best sources will be listed in this article, continue to read and find out how to get more links pointing back to your site for free.

Sources of one way text links

There are lots of ways to gain a one way inbound link, different tactics and methods. Some are free, you can get some from trading your services for a one way inbound link, and others are in the form of advertising. But this article discusses how to get a FREE One way inbound links!

Submitting your website to niche directories

Some web directories are accepting new sites to their database for free, especially newly web directories sites. So if possible submit your sites to have a free one way reciprocal link. And don’t forget to submit your site to main Web directories, like DMOZ. Most of the web directories are using the DMOZ data, that’s why site listed at DMOZ, automatically listed in different web directories

Here is a good list of web directories.

Online forums and discussion boards

Web Forums is one source of free one way inbound link.

Some web forums allow you to put your website URL in your profile page and to create a customized forum signature. If allowed, setup your link signature using your target search engine keyword that links to your target website. A high PR web forum is visited by search engine daily. That’s why many webmasters put their newly website domain link as forum signature link to gain instant indexing by Search Engines.

If you have a website in Internet Marketing and SEO Digital Point Forums allows signature links back to your website.

However you may get a free one way inbound link from web forums but be informed that search engines gives only a small PR value to web forum links, but it still helps.

Other blogs and bulletin boards

Like Web forums, you can also use blogs & bulletin boards to have a free inbound link. Posting to other blogs and bulletin boards with your site link tag will give you a free inbound link. Like web forums, Search Engines is giving blogs and bulletin boards link post a small PR value.

Guestbooks and comments

Guestbook URL posting is a common target of webmasters who practice different SEO techniques. This method is a great way of getting a one way inbound link, and recommended.  Some website guestbook owners ask for their guest’s web site.

Article link bait

Link baiting by creating web pages or articles that can get your user site attention will give you a free back link. This is also related to Article submission technique, discuss below.


If you have a supplier or a business partner that has a testimonial page that also post urls of the testimonies.

Why not create a nice testimonial about their product or services? In that way who will have a free one way inbound link.

For example if you have a web hosting company that has a testimonial section. Better construct a nice testimonial about their services. And ask them to put your web site URL.

Best of the web awards

If you think your sites rocks, why not submit it to web award sites, some of them are free. It can give you an inbound link plus web exposure. And if your site wins or nominated, you are lucky, it means more website traffic and your site may be included in their yearly archives.

Article directory submissions

So far this is the best source of one way free inbound link. Many webmasters are creating articles and shares their unique ideas in exchange of back link for their sites. Submitting your sites to Article Submission sites will give you more chances of free back link.

Some webmasters that needs fresh content for their sites are syndicating article Submission sites using RSS. is allowing submissions of unique articles.

Some of them are placing the articles permanently in their site, Of course with the link tag of article’s author. By creating a single article you will gain an instant dozen, or even hundreds of inbound link. Plus you will recognize as an expert. But it still based on the quality of your article.

Website Reviews

Some of Site review sites are free, if your site is chosen to evaluate, you’ve got your free inbound link, but get ready to accept negative suggestions, critics, comments or even insult.

Build a useful, unique website

If you can create a great and a unique site, some of your site visitors will automatically bookmarked your site in their browser and even linking your site URL in their resources page if your site is useful.

You can register your domain name and get hosting on Hostgator and get access to hundreds of php scripts.

Provide SAAS (Software as a service) tools

Providing or creating a free web tools or great free software like Software as a Service in exchange of free back link, is a good idea. For example a page rank checker or a free web host, that includes and requires your website tag in exchange of your tool service or creating a blog templates containing your link.

Having a one way inbound link is preferred by Search engines and giving more PR value. And so far this method is the best way to gain link popularity.Contact:
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Yahoo e-Commerce

Many beginner webmasters are neglecting the importance of good hosting. They think that any hosting solution is good, so they would look for the price instead of quality. However, as their web page grows, they will discover that they only have a few options, and the number of features of their package is limited. If you are in this situation, and you are thing about changing your hosting provider, maybe it is time to think about Yahoo Web Hosting. Let’s see the main advantages of this solution.


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Increase your pageviews

How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

Many bloggers are not so interesting about promoting their sites, thinking that they have interesting content and people will only enter to read it. many times, they have no SEO knowledge and the principles that are the base of creating and transforming a mediocre blog into a great one. They think their job is over once the article is published. However, no matter how great the articles are, you will not have visitors unless you have an optimized website. If you don’t want to pay for specialized SEO, at least a few techniques connected with the social networks could be applied.


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If you have a product or service to sell, the best way to generate customers and thereby sales, is to have an online presence. If you can make a website for yourself, there is nothing as good but if you have no knowledge of building a website, you can hire the services of a professional and get the site made as per your requirements and liking within no time at all. But having a nice website to attract prospective customers visit your site is just the beginning as you need to find a web hosting company that keeps your site up and running all the time so that you never miss any of the potential customers. There are many other factors that are important as well in deciding a good web hosting company.

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GoDaddy Domain Registrations

GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial for Beginners 2020 (Build A Professional Website)

Learn how to build your next affiliate website with their site builder. No need to code complicated html or confusing web hosting, you can get your business up and running in less than an hour with Godaddy.

Get started and build your website today, it’s easy to build your website for a small or large business, if you are getting started there is no need to pay a programmer a ton of money, you have everything you need here:

Enjoy the video and get your own website started today, this is the time to start the business that you have been wanting, do not rely on social media for your business website, get your own domain today.Contact:
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Send traffic to your affiliate offers using Google Adwords – Learn the secret strategies that Super Affiliate uses to generate sales using the power of  Google Search, Youtube and Mobile Ads.

Learn how to setup a profitable campaign and make money online with targeted traffic.

Step by step tutorial, start making crazy profits.

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Learn how to make affiliate income with programs that pay recurring commissions.

Good morning and thanks for visiting, a lot of people wonder how it is possible to make recurring commissions and how to get paid every month and there are a lot of companies that are willing to pay you a commission every singe month creating passive income or you.

Recurring commissions are important because they create consistent cash flow for your business and it allows you to know how much money you will receive in commissions each month.

Here is a really good video that explains how recurring commissions work and which affiliate programs pay you each month.

Hope this video was helpful, if you are looking for more ideas on how to make money online and how to get recurring passive income make sure to check out the rest of our articles an videos, please bookmark our website and come back often for new content.

Here are 5 ways to make money without much work on your free time

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