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If you have a product or service to sell, the best way to generate customers and thereby sales, is to have an online presence. If you can make a website for yourself, there is nothing as good but if you have no knowledge of building a website, you can hire the services of a professional and get the site made as per your requirements and liking within no time at all. But having a nice website to attract prospective customers visit your site is just the beginning as you need to find a web hosting company that keeps your site up and running all the time so that you never miss any of the potential customers. There are many other factors that are important as well in deciding a good web hosting company.


Making Affiliate Money

GoDaddy Domain Registrations

GoDaddy Website Builder Tutorial for Beginners 2020 (Build A Professional Website)

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Enjoy the video and get your own website started today, this is the time to start the business that you have been wanting, do not rely on social media for your business website, get your own domain today.

Making Affiliate Money

Send traffic to your affiliate offers using Google Adwords – Learn the secret strategies that Super Affiliate uses to generate sales using the power of  Google Search, Youtube and Mobile Ads.

Learn how to setup a profitable campaign and make money online with targeted traffic.

Step by step tutorial, start making crazy profits.


Making Affiliate Money

Learn how to make affiliate income with programs that pay recurring commissions.

Good morning and thanks for visiting, a lot of people wonder how it is possible to make recurring commissions and how to get paid every month and there are a lot of companies that are willing to pay you a commission every singe month creating passive income or you.

Recurring commissions are important because they create consistent cash flow for your business and it allows you to know how much money you will receive in commissions each month.

Here is a really good video that explains how recurring commissions work and which affiliate programs pay you each month.

Hope this video was helpful, if you are looking for more ideas on how to make money online and how to get recurring passive income make sure to check out the rest of our articles an videos, please bookmark our website and come back often for new content.

Here are 5 ways to make money without much work on your free time

Making Affiliate Money

One of the biggest challenges with Affiliate Marketing is generating traffic and sales, the concept sounds easy all you need to do is promote someone else’s product or service and you get a commission however it is way more complicated than this.

Today I want to share this video that will help you generate more commissions and sales by promoting products with Facebook advertising. To have success you will need to generate a lot of traffic and measure your conversion rates, specially when you are paying for traffic, at the end of the day, you either need time or money and they both come with a cost.

When using Facebook to promote products or services you have to understand what people do on Facebook and how they use the platform, also they have limitations on what you can do when it comes to affiliate marketing and restrictions which you will need to be aware.

Of of the most important things to understand when promoting on Social Media is that you need to build an audience and you want to NOT be a salesman but someone who is sharing information that can benefit people by showing the value of the product or service, if people feel that you are being a sales man instead of giving them free value they will not buy your products.

Watch the video and if you have more questions or want more specific help feel free to contact me.

Making Affiliate Money

Is affiliate marketing dead, is it worth trying in 2020?

I am going to have to be honest, affiliate marketing is more than alive in 2020 and there is a ton of money to be made, however things are not as easy as they used to be 5 or 10 years ago.

It is getting harder and harder finding reliable sources of traffic and you must get creating, building blog, adding 500 word articles and adding a bunch of affiliate links is not going to cut and you’ll need to get way more creating then that.

To be successful you’ll have to find your niche, build your audience and you’ll need a lot of traffic that is interested in what you have to sell and say for you to make sales, which is what we are at the end of the day, sales people.

Is affiliate marketing worth it in 2020, the answer is yes however you will have to invest a lot of time and money just like any other business, also I would expect to spend at least 2 or 3 years before getting consistent profits.

Bottom line is, for you to make affiliate money you will need people that you can show your products, building an email list, increasing your Youtube subscribers or getting thousands of Twitter followers will be key if you want to have a chance to make money online selling affiliate products, for example affiliate website Plum Computer Repair generates great commissions and sales by selling Antivirus products and services, I can do it an you can do it too.

Making Affiliate Money

Getting traffic, specially targeted traffic can be one of the most difficult parts of any business, traffic generates sales and without it your business is dead, there are many options for you to get new customers to your websites however one of the most effective ways is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization), now in 2020 SEO can be very difficult and people ask if you can make money online with a single page website and the power of this tool.


Making Affiliate Money
Internet Marketing

How to Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs allow blog and website owners to earn commissions for selling products they promote. People or companies place their products on a platform and from there the affiliates select them to promote them on their blog or website.

In order to sell in this way, the owner of the blog joins the platform that contains the product or infoproduct to receive a personalized link that will be useful to promote it on the affiliate’s blog, if you do not have a website you can start by getting a domain and web hosting account by visiting (discount code)

In this sense there are four parts:

The product owner.
The platform where the product is hosted.
The affiliate or seller

The process is simple


Making Affiliate Money

Google Adsense has for years been the dominant pay per click ad platform that allows publishers to monetize their content by using multiple types of advertisements, I have used them in many of my websites and it is a great way to make money online if you do not want to worry about selling any specific products or services per say.

Some times you need to test other pay per click platforms and even though there are many out there today I want to share my experience with one of my favorite Adsense alternatives, as you will experience in your making money online journey, there are many reasons why you might need another ad platform, anything from getting banned to not making enough money to simply no being approved, testing other advertising companies is a must.

So which was my favorite Google Adsense Alternative in 2019 and moving forward to 2020?

The answer is Infolinks! I have tested several pay per click programs and so far they have been my favorite, I am not going to lie, there are a lot of things that they can improve on and I still consider Adsense being the best in the industry however if you have a small website that does not get millions of visitors every month this is a great program that will allow you to monetize your content with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the benefits of using Infolinks:

  1. Easy to setup interface which allows you to use plugins if you have a WordPress blog setup and a simple html code if you do not use a content management system.
  2. Different kinds of ad formats to chose from which helps increase revenue depending of the needs of your website visitors, for example if you have a site that you know gets better conversions from text links they allow you to use them to send traffic to their advertisers, if your visitors respond better to banner ads or full page ads you have that option too.
  3. Good pay per click revenue depending on the niche that your website operates, for example if you own a tech or financial blog you can expect high pay per click ads to appear, now if you own a memes or funny blog then revenue will not be as high.
  4. Good support and payments are easy to withdraw to your bank account, I have only tested this as a US  publisher however I would assume the same applies to other countries.
  5. Ads are easy to customize as well and easy to format, this is great because it allows your advertisements to blend with your content and get higher conversions.

As you can see, Infolinks is a great alternative to Affiliate Products an Google Adsense, what I really like about this program is that I do not have to worry about selling, it takes a few simple steps to get started, as long as you have your Ads.txt file setup and have an approved account you can get started, once you login to their Dashboard you can start adding websites to get them approved and you will start seeing ads in no time.

Now if you ask what are some of the cons? Well honestly there are not too many, the bottom line is that you need to create value through your website or blog, you need to create content that people will want to read and share and you need to grow your traffic to the point where it will be worth monetizing, if you are just getting started you want to grow your website to a couple thousand daily visitors before I would consider monetizing, once you get there then you can start adding advertisements, I would start by adding a few banners and links here and there that do not affect the user experience so that your audience continues to grow.

How do I get an account with Infolinks?

It is easy to sign up with them, all you need is to open an account by visiting this URL, once you sign up just fill out the payment form and submit your website for review, as I mentioned before make sure that you submit a quality website with good content and a good amount of visitors and you will be approved in no time, now all you need to do is continue writing great content and promoting your website on Social Media and you’ll do great!

Making Affiliate Money
Adsense PPC Links

Want to monetize your blog or website the easy way? Have heard about Google Adsense but do not know how to add Adsense to a blog? Read on as this article will help and guide you on earning while satisfying your creative urge. For one, this is one business that you can start without any money and still reap the rewards if you follow simple steps mentioned in this article.


Making Affiliate Money