Internet Marketing Tips To Help You Grow Your Revenue

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Internet Marketing Tips That Work!

There are many ways that you can market your business or websites – Internet marketing can be a great way to generate more sales from your sites, here are several Internet marketing tips to help you grow your business.

* Gain more hits by submitting your articles to directories, this is a way to promote your business or website a great to place to submit articles is Ezine Articles  you can write a 300 word article about anything and submit it to this directory you will get hits by adding your site in the Author box.
* Make people talk about your site or business, if you offer a great service or product bloggers might mention your site and it will generate more traffic to your site.
* Write a press release, make sure to send it to your email list so the word spreads fast.
* Branding! Yes this is a great strategy for businesses to generate more sales, when you look at a logo and you automatically know what the company is.
* Are you viral? Viral marketing is a great way to get traffic to your site, viral marketing basically means that once one person looks at your service or offer it will mention it to another one and now two people tell other people about your service and it grows non stop.
* Word of mouth for Internet marketing, have a killer product or service and people will naturally recommend you to their friends and family.
* Great customer service, remember people can also talk bad things about your business so take care of them.
* Keep in contact with your customers ask them for feedback on your product or service.
* Surveys are a great way to know your clients and see if they are happy.
* Always improve your business, it is bad thing to always be happy with your results, always try to improve.
* Make sure that your service is unique or better than the competition.
* Have fun with your advertisements, many companies do not do that they put a boring advertisement, entertain your customers and they will buy more from you.
* Become an authority, people will buy more from you, make sure to write amazing content that your readers will be happy to share and continue to come back for more.
* Be safe, yes customers are worried about their personal information, make sure to install an SSL certificate on your website and to use a secure domain.
* Make your site look professional -Hire a good web designer and a programmer, make things happen in your site.
* Interactive websites will attract more the attention of new customers, make sure to add new content regularly and to have features like comments for your visitors to engage with your content.
* Always try new things and innovate, do not copy what everybody else is doing, there are always new things that you can do to improve your website

Use Banner Advertising to Market Your Website

A banner is a form of a website advertisement, there are many banner format first there is the Leaderboard (728×90), Banner(468×60), Half Banner(234×60), Button(125×125), Skyscraper(120×600, Wide Skyscraper(160×600), and of course there are other types of square banners the ad formats are Small Rectangle(180×150), Vertical Banner(120×240), Small Square(200×200), Square(250×250), Medium Rectangle(300×250), Large Rectangle(336×280) this image ads are great for website advertising there are many types of ads that you can buy there is cost per click (cpc) and cost per thousand impressions or (cpm). Banner advertising has existed for many years many Internet Marketers use them to promote affiliate programs or to drive traffic to their own sites.

A banner advertisement can be compared to one of those ads that you see on the road (billboards) they draw the attention by offering a service or product. You can buy banner ads virtually on any site on the web they are very easy to implement and there are a lot of programs that allow you to track how many clicks or impression a banner is receiving.

There are many ways that you can use banners but the main one is to get a visitor to complete a action like to buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter etc, if you are a good web designer it will be very easy to implement a banner advertisement since they can be great for driving traffic to your website.

When designer a banner advertisement make sure that your ad clearly states your offer and that you list the url of your website in it, also another thing to consider is to place banners on relevant websites, it is a bad idea to buy thousands and thousands of impressions on non targeted sites, for example if your site is about “Internet Marketing” buy ad spots on sites that are relevant to the subject this way you will be able to generate more clicks and that can be converted in to more sales.

There are two ways that you can do banner advertising, you can pay someone to display your banner or you can participate in a banner exchange.

There are several networks where you can exchange banner ads you will get the same amount of impressions that your site generates for the other webmasters this is a good option if you do not have money to promote your site.

The final one is to pay an ad network to display your banner across hundreds of similar sites, this option will cost you money but it will be the fastest way to generate traffic to your site. Remember to check the rates since you can pay for every click (cpc) or for every thousand impressions (cpm)

Here are a few things to consider when advertising your website with banners.

Advertise your banners on relevant sites to your subject

Call for an action, when a user clicks on a banner make sure that the landing page is relevant to the displayed ad

Buy banner advertisements where your banner is showed on a hot zone, do not buy banners on bottom of pages

Make sure that your graphics draw attention of the user.

Banner advertising is a good way to generate visits to your website and it is great for branding but you need to be careful, thousands of banner impressions can cost you money and if you do not measure your results you can lose money.


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