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How to Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs allow blog and website owners to earn commissions for selling products they promote. People or companies place their products on a platform and from there the affiliates select them to promote them on their blog or website.

In order to sell in this way, the owner of the blog joins the platform that contains the product or infoproduct to receive a personalized link that will be useful to promote it on the affiliate’s blog, if you do not have a website you can start by getting a domain and web hosting account by visiting (discount code)

In this sense there are four parts:

The product owner.
The platform where the product is hosted.
The affiliate or seller

The process is simple

The owner of a blog or a web page, joins the platform where the product itself is. It is registered in one of the websites such as Clickbank, and becomes an affiliate to be able to sell this type of products. Once you are an affiliate, you can select all types of infoproducts to promote them on your blog or website.

When selecting a product and accepting its promotion, the affiliate receives a link that will indicate in the case of a purchase that that purchase comes from that affiliate link and in this way the platform will know that it is that person who made the promotion of the product that later became a sale and therefore will receive a commission.

By promoting the product on their blog, the affiliate gets sales from their readers or customers and from the platform they pay a commission for the sale.

The affiliate does not charge for the product to the customer, it is the platform itself that performs the entire sales procedure itself. The platform pays the product owner and the affiliate.

This is very good for people who do not have a product and want to generate income online simply (or not so much). Selling in this way requires having an audience that sees the product you promote.

In addition to promoting it through a blog or website, the affiliate can do so through social networks by placing their affiliate link for this purpose, my favorite domain name registrar is Godaddy.comĀ 

An affiliate is then a person who is dedicated to promoting and offering third-party products in exchange for a commission for each sale.

When I talk about infoproducts, what I want to say is that being an internet business it is much better to be part of an affiliate platform that markets this type of products since they are not physical and are simpler to market.

Watch this Affiliate Marketing 101 Video

In addition to this, the infoproducts are received instantly since being ebooks, software or guides, they can be sent by mail or downloaded from a website.

Currently the most collected platform in the world of affiliate marketing is Clickbank with which you become immediately and free to start monetizing your blog sold by third party infoproducts.

The best way to make money online by having a blog is with this type of business because it does not require an initial investment if you already have the platform to carry out the promotions of the products you want to sell, say a blog.

To be successful in this business you will have to promote products that have to do with the theme of your blog because that way it will cause better impact on your customers or readers.

The commissions range from 35% to 75% and what I recommend is to take products between 50% and 75% to have a good income in case you manage to sell with affiliate marketing.

As you can see, the commissions are quite high so this type of business is really very attractive for those who have a system to sell, a blog, a website, social networks and email marketing.

To achieve success in affiliate marketing you will have to have a website full of free information on a particular topic and once you have a large enough audience that follows everything you write, you start offering the products.

Of course there is more to affiliate marketing, things like traffic sources and conversion rates matter, if you want to learn more about this topic please bookmark this website and come back soon, we post new articles every week.

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