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Have you ever wondered how these Internet Marketers claim to be able to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year without having to buy any inventory or having to source any kinds of products from China and other countries? The answer is simple, Affiliate Marketing! This way of making money online is very, very popular and it consists of you generating sales for a company, especially it is a commission based business that allows you to sell virtually any product without physically owning it. This type of business works extremely well because all the works that is required is basically as you being a sales person or a marketer, you promote business and products for someone else and keep a large commission.

There are many many affiliate programs out there that you could sign up for, almost any merchant out there and service provider has their own affiliate program, the only issue is that you have to search each one of those programs and then get approved by each one of them, I highly recommend that you check out and, both of these companies allow you to sign up to different affiliate programs and start earning commissions, once you create your own account you will have access to their inventory of products and you will be able to promote them and drive traffic to them.

Signing up to these affiliate programs is the easy part, the hard part is to start generating traffic and visitors in order for you to start generating sales and commissions, below I am going to give you many ways and tactics that will help you get traffic and customers to them, the key to this is to take action and not waste time doing things that do not help you achieve your goal, you need to focus and building a useful website or service that people will want to visit and recommend the products and services to your audience, you need to take action on each one of these and that will yield you great results!

Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Promote affiliate programs to generate revenue and profits

1. Find a profitable easy to market affiliate program
2. Get your affiliate URL – If you need a domain name you can get one at
3. Get a relevant .com domain name and redirect it to your affiliate link
4. Create a keyword rich content website and mention your .com domain through it
5. Create a relevant email list and email users monthly reminding them of your service
6. Add your .com domain to every directory that you can
7. Find relevant forums that allow using a signature to advertise your domain name
8. Find free classified ad and post advertisements there linking to your affiliate url
9. Create an email address ad allow people to email you, use auto responders
10. Find relevant news groups and promote your services there
11. Create unique articles and post them on article directories with a link to your affiliate domain
12. Use eBay as a platform to promote your other businesses, sell items and send business cards
13. Interlink as much as possible to allow traffic to flow between websites and gain more exposure
14. Use Reddit to promote your businesses
15. Use Stumbleupon free or paid to promote your services
16. Create relevant videos on Youtube and promote your affiliate domain
17. Find ways to market your affiliate domain on Facebook
18. Create free blogs on WordPress and other platforms and promote your affiliate link
19. Create blogs on own domains, html pages etc and promote your affiliate .com domain
20. User ANSWER pages to promote your .com domain name
21. Use PHOTOS and PICTURES to promote your affiliate URL including Pinterest
22. Create a Twitter page and send tweets weekly regarding relevant topics
23. Use KEYWORD searches to find where other marketers post
24. Create an Instagram page and promote that domain url
25. Submit your website to Social Bookmarking engines
26. Pay someone to build an app for their iPhone or Android smartphone
27. Create an eBook on the topic, sell it and mention the URL
28. Distribute your video to other video website like Vimeo
29. Print and distribute business card

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As you can see, there are hundreds of things that you can to do drive traffic to your affiliate offers, some of them are easy and others not so much, the bottom line is that you will not generate any sales unless you have traffic that is interested in the products or services that you are recommending, always keep focus on creating high quality content that people want to read, listen or watch and your traffic will grow over time, consistency is also key in this business and if you do not create new content every single day you will not see results, you need to create new fresh content every single day that is focused on making your visitors happy so that way they continue to come back, as long as you do this visitors will continue to come back for more and more, once you reach a point where you are getting good amounts of traffic you can start promoting your affiliate products and you will generate conversions with no issues.

Bonus tips to increase your sales and commissions

Steps to build a profitable website and how to monetize it with CPA offers and pay per click.

1. Find a POPULAR – TRENDING – High keyword volume niche with relative low competition, use a keyword generator tool to find out what keywords people are using online and what they are looking for, generate content based on keyword searches from real people.
2. Find an easy to remember, keyword rich domain that is short and easy to pronounce, this will help you with marketing and the promotion of your website, people have short memories and if your domain name is hard to pronounce then you will not get any repeat visitors.
3. Build website that is easy to optimize for the search engines (mimic competition), having keyword rich content websites with lots of well written articles is key to high rankings.
4. Write or buy the content, use services like Fiverr to outsource content if you do not have the time to write it your self.
5. Promote the website (lowest cost possible) using Google Adwords and other pay per click services.
6. Once traffic builds up, start monetizing the content using related products through affiliate links and Google Adsense.

Need Web Hosting and a Domain Name?

If you are just getting started with Internet Marketing and affiliate products and do not know how to build a website or where to host it I recommend that you sign up for Hostgator, they offer affordable web hosting and domain registration with tons of tools to build your website, you can get a hosting account for just a few dollars a month with many, many tools that will help you get your website up and running in no time, find the link below and open your account today.



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