Making Money With Expired Domains

Expired Domains

Have you ever wondered about all of these domain name investors? Wonder how they make millions of dollars a year with domain names? Today we are going to be talking about a business model that I have been following for years and years, this is the type of business that requires a lot of capital and not a whole lot of work but it can be extremely profitable!

See domain names are usually registered for a year or two, sometimes more however in a lot of cases, webmasters have an idea or online business that they want to start, they go to their favorite domain registrar like Namecheap and they register a domain, they then go ahead and build a website, work on it hard for a few months and then they lose passion or they think that the business is not profitable and they give up and leave the domain as is, they then go back to their registrar to only find out that the domain name has expired… this is where the opportunity comes for domain name investors and if done right, it can make you a LOT of money. Let’s dive right into it and see how domain name investing works.

Expired Domain Traffic

Probably one of the best kept secrets on the Internet when it comes to getting visitors to your site and building great traffic is expired domain traffic, thousands of webmasters register new domains names and they work hard on making their sites popular, after a year or two they move on to a new business model or they forget to renew their domain names and they let them expire, well after that all the visitors that used to go to those sites end up on a NOT FOUND web page, well you can easily get a piece of that traffic and redirect it to your site or affiliate program.

So how exactly do you find expired domain names with traffic, well there are many ways but here is an easy way to do it.

1. First you need to know what type of domain you are looking for, I recommend to find an expired domain that is similar to the subject of your site, if you have a dog lovers site find domains that are related to your content.
2. I use this tool to find recently expired domain names, try to find names that are easy to remember.
3. Now that you found a domain that you like you need to make sure that is available, this site has cheap domain names.
4. If your domain is available do a check to see if that domain has good one way links, I recommend to buy expired domains with at least 100 one way links, also make sure that the domain has some Pagerank.
5. Once you register the domain you will need to do one of two things, redirect the domain to your similar site or build a new site, since the domain already has one way links it will rank a lot better on the search engines.
6. Many webmasters buy hundreds of expired domains with traffic to generate great income to their sites.

Remember that with expired domain names you can increase traffic very fast at a low price, unlike pay per click with expired domains you own that traffic, just imagine you buy a domain for $8 dollars a year, in that year that same domain gets thousands and thousands of visits now with ppc you need to pay for every single click, and you will get you a lot of visitors.

You can repeat this process and increase your traffic a lot, just remember that the landing page has to be relevant so you can retain that traffic, so if the domain was about a certain subject make sure that the page is relevant so your visitors do not go away.

Now, how about if we think about this business and scale it up, there are people out there that have invested millions of dollars on domain names, if you see this as a true business or an investment and not just some gimmick you will quickly realize how powerful this is, the reason for this is because the Internet is like Real Estate, when you own a domain name you own a piece of “land” or virtual land that is, you own a small portion of an electronic asset and this is where the potential to make a lot of money is, let’s take a look at a basic example of what a domain name investor would do.

1. Visit all of the major marketplaces for domains like Godaddy’s and Namecheap and see what is being sold out there.
2. Find short and easy to remember and pronounce domain names, if the domain name has good back links or if it has a lot of Social Medial mentions then it is worth considering.
3. Find out of the domain is available to be registered and buy it.
4. Monetize the domain, you can either forward that traffic to an affiliate program or a Parked Page.
5. Rinse and repeat

See, let’s do some quick math here, let’s say that you find a domain that has recently been deleted or expired and you manage to register it, let’s say that you spend $10 dollars for it and you have a year to make your money back, if that domain is receiving 100 visitors a day and you are able to generate just $1 dollar from that investment, we are talking that you have the potential to make $365 dollars, not bad at all right?

As I mentioned before, you have to treat this as a business and you have to learn how to scale it up, you will not hit a home run on the first that you buy, you have to register dozens or even hundreds of domains in order to start seeing good profits, if done right though this can be very profitable, just take the time to research each domain name that is available and try to get an idea of how much traffic it gets, I usually go on Google and do a search for “” to see if the domain has been mentioned out there, you can also go to to see if there was a previous page, if you see any kind of traffic you can the monetize it and make a profit.

The key is to take action, go head over to Namecheap and see what listings are available on their Marketplace and start investing in domain names, it is a great opportunity to make money online.

Good luck and thank you for stopping by at

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