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We have received this question many many times, “How many domains should I buy to make money” and there are many ways to answer this question. These days domain names are very cheap and people register a new domain name every time they have a new idea, I have known people in the webmaster world that own hundreds or even thousands of domain names. But the question is, how much money can each domain name generate?

Many people believe that having more domains means making more money, but that is not necessary true, you can make a lot of money with just one domain name. The problem with having too many domain names is that it becomes too much to handle and manage and you can end up with hundreds of undeveloped domain names just sitting in your Godaddy (or any other registrar) account.

When buying domain names consider the following things:

Will I develop a website or just put a parked page in the domain.

If I just park the domain and I do not promote the site will the domain name get lots of type in traffic?

What will be my return on investment per domain?  If you can at least double the profits per domain name then it could be a good business, for example if a domain costs you $10 dollars a year and you can make $20 then buying lots of domains makes sense.

So do not register any idea that you have, I really think that developing domain names into websites is more profitable than just registering domain names and parking them, its very hard to find domain names with enough type in traffic to make it profitable to buy them, a developed website has more changes of being profitable.

Now, there are cases where registering multiple domain names is worth it, for example if you are an experience domainer and you are able to flip your domains for a profit then it’s a great idea, I know a lot of people list their domain names on Dan, Afternic and Sedo and are able to generate sales, there is an entire science behind investing in domain names.

The other case for having multiple domains is website traffic, see when a domain expires all of the traffic that was built can be recycled, all you need to do is register the domain name and redirect it to your own website, if you register 100 domains and each one brings you hundreds of visitors a day then it is worth it, however you always run the risk of registering these domains and they not having any kind of traffic, a great place to find expired domains is on Expired Domains.

Also note that each domain name comes with a renewal fee, which means that each year you will have to pay for being able to hold this domain, as you add more and more domains this practice can be very expensive, so before you buy your next domain name, consider the above and do not turn your domains assets into liabilities.

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