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Did you know that there is a very easy way to make money on the Internet without having to create a website or a blog? Today I am going to share a tactic that I have used for a long time that has managed to generate many sales with a very small investment. This method is very easy to do and all you need is a .com domain

I imagine you ask yourself, how is this possible? Let me explain. On the Internet there are many business models that allow you to make money, we have Internet commerce sites, there are also sellers that promote your items on eBay or Amazon and we also have people who write certain articles and generate sales through links from Google Adsense, all these business models work quite well, but there is a way that in my experience can be very lucrative if you put the time and dedication, the best of all is that you only need to spend some $ 10 dollars and that’s it.

The method I’m talking about is the method of being an affiliate, the way this works is very simple, you become an affiliate through an income sharing program and you receive a commission for each sale generated with your affiliate link is very simple, for example let’s say that you become an affiliate of a program that sells cosmetics online, the seller will give you a special link which will have a code that refers to you, when you publish information about the products they are selling they will pay you a commission, this model can be very lucrative since all you have to do is promote the product and each sale you generate will give you a profit without any Another type of expense, many people make a lot of money on the Internet doing this and you can do it too.

Start generating sales today

The first thing we are going to do is find a lucrative affiliate program, one of the sites that offers a variety of programs is Comission Junction (CJ) – they have an interface which allows you to apply to several affiliate programs and start to promote them, you will find a list of all the companies that offer programs to promote, once you apply to each of these programs and you are approved you will be able to receive your affiliate link to promote usually the link will be long and difficult to remember , this is where we can get the benefit of registering a short and easy to remember domain.

Now that we have a product to promote, it’s time to get our web domain, I recommend that you please get a dot com domain since they are easier to remember, do not worry about finding domains of one or two words since it is most likely that are already registered, the easiest thing to do is find a domain with 3 or 4 words that are easier to pronounce and that are easy to remember, you will want to register your domain because that is what you will be promoting to generate sales and get commissions. To register your domain I recommend you use Godaddy or Namecheap, I have used both and both have very good service and good prices, to do this you will not need hosting but if you need a good site to host your pages I recommend that you use Hostgator.

I have a domain and my affiliate link, what is next?

So now we have two of the most important steps, now it’s time to start promoting your domain and make money, here we will use a real example of which you can benefit, one of the easiest and fastest ways to generate traffic is through YouTube, many people believe that this is very difficult but the reality is that it is not so, for example we are going to promote one of the affiliate programs of which you are approved, all we have to do is record a video of some 10 minutes that is relevant to the subject, in the video you can describe the benefits of the product, you can talk about things like how much it costs and how good the product is, maybe you will have to record several times and edit A bit, the easiest way to do this is to record it from your cell phone, once you have your recorded video it’s time to promote your dot com domain and your affiliate product.

In the example below you will see what the final result will be, the best of all is that you can record many videos on YouTube of relevant topics and you will promote the domain in the video and in the description part, When you talk and promote the product using your affiliate link you will have a good connection with the public and people will visit your website and buy the product if it is of good quality, in this image you can see a clear example of domain dot com and how it appears in the video, also if you want you can mention it in the recording of the video and recommend it to your audience.

As you can see, there are many benefits of doing this tactic to promote, in fact this does not apply anything else here, you can use the same method in many other sites such as Facebook and also on Twitter, the concept is exactly the same, create content relevant and informative and mentions and promotes the domain that you registered, in fact many painful ones also put it in images and photos that upload to the Internet, this has no limit and if you follow all these tips I guarantee that you will achieve a profitable business, Of course this requires some work but the benefits are many, dedicate your time to upload videos and content and mention your domain and you will see your income increase day by day,

Thank you very much for visiting Making Affiliate Money, if you have questions or doubts leave a comment and I will gladly answer it.

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