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Being an affiliate marketer and making money online can be a very, very profitable business, anyone with a computer and access to the Internet can create a business out of thin air, people think that it is a very easy thing to do and that you can only work a few hours a day and become a successful Internet Marketer, but the truth of the matter is that creating a business online and having success at it can involve a lot of work, specially if you are in the early stages and you have no money to pay people to do the day to day operations.

Today I am going to share with you my list of things to do every single day and what each task involves. By the way, thank you for visiting MakingAffiliateMoney.com. If you like our content, feel free to bookmark this website and come back soon, we post new content every day, if you have questions regarding affiliate marketing and making money online feel free to leave a comment or contact us as well.

As an affiliate marketer you ultimate have one goal and that is to make a sale, you are essentially a sales person looking to generate commissions by sending traffic to your affiliate offers, as you send traffic and it converts you are paid a commission based on the sales fee, a typical affiliate will generate around 5% to 10% depending on which merchant you are working for, there are companies that will pay a lower percentage or more, it really depends and varies on each company.

So what is the typical todo list of an Affiliate Marketer

One important thing to note here is that as much as I love Internet Marketing and generating sales online I am a big believer in the stability of a 9 to 5 job, this may or may not work for some people since they are looking to be their own boss and work on their own business but for me, I still hold a full time job while working my full time job, the list of things that get done are usually done from 5 am to 8 am and then from 6 pm until 9 or 10 pm, I usually invest a minimum of 4 hours a day to be able to complete the tasks that are required to run this online business, for now this business generates enough income to supplement my work earnings and I do not plan on quitting my job unless I can generate well over 6 figures from this business alone, and to be honest even then I may not quit my job, that is simply my personal preference.

Task #1 Create Useful Content

The title says it all, I have several domains and each morning I like to write a unique piece of content that is at least 1,200 words, the content needs to be unique and helpful for my readers, I like writing content that is not really out there and I like to write my content in a manner that is easy to understand, my goal here is to write content that will help people one way or the other, making money from the content is secondary believe it or not. I usually write 2 or 3 articles each morning every single day, this is including weekends as well.

Task #2 Update Content Distribution Channels

People say that content is king and it is exactly the truth, without content you do not have a word and without words you cannot make sales, you need to create content that people will be happy to share with their friends and family, however when you are getting started and you do not have an audience it can be a little difficult to do this, for this reason having a content distribution strategy is very important, there are many content distribution channels and there are many ways that you can automate this, the key to this is to let the world know that you have a new piece of content, in that case updating Twitter and your Facebook account is a start, you can create a video based on that article and post it on Youtube, if you have an email list you can send your subscribers an email letting them know, once my content is created I usually will send an update to all of these channels, if you do not have a list I highly recommend that you start one right now, you can use a service like AWeber to manage the list for you.

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Task #3 Monetize Your Content

You may ask yourself, why is making money from your content number 3 on the list and there is one big reason, you do not want to create content just because you are looking to sell something, it is actually the other way around. You want to create content based on your knowledge or your passion, when you create articles or videos based on things that interest you the information will flow better and you will not sound like a sales person, what you are going to be doing is helping people solve their problems, answer their questions and your content will be useful and liked by your visitors, once you have achieved that then you will distribute your content and finally monetize it. What you want to do is find opportunities to use an affiliate link or mention a product, as you read your content you will find that there are always places where you can use an affiliate link and your readers will use your affiliate links.

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Step #4 is To Improve Your Content – Rinse and Repeat

We live in a world where there is content everywhere on the Internet. You have thousands of people on Social Media posting amazing content, you have people creating amazing Youtube videos and people writing amazing articles, not only do you have tons of people like you and me but you also have mega corporations that invest millions of dollars in content that it is very hard to compete against. For this reason, you have to be a perfectionist and every time you post a piece of content you have to go back and see where you can improve it. Maybe you have a grammar mistake or you have a misspelling, maybe you can add more images or include a video? Anything you can do to improve your content is going to help you with rankings and your visitors will appreciate the effort that you put into creating your amazing content. Once you have checked every single possibility to improve what you created you will get to a point that your content is ready to be left alone and move on to the next piece of content. At the end of the day, a good piece of content has to be well written, have a purpose, solve a problem and include images, easy to read text, video and what ever source of data that you can add to help your readers.

As you can see, being an affiliate marketer and a content creator is a lot of work, this task takes hours and hours every single day, this does not even include web design, coding or even search engine optimization. Usually any additional task is done on the weekend.

Now, if you stay focused and continue to work hard every day, if you invest your time and you continue to provide value every single day you will start to see a compounding effect where your website traffic grows, people start enjoying and sharing your content more and more and your sales increase as well, this is what will motivate you to continue treating this as a real business and will allow you to continue to do this for a long time, as you might already know, there are bloggers generating thousands of dollars every single month and they have financial freedom thanks to their online business, so keep working hard and you will see the results soon!

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