What is Pay Per Click Advertising? Promoting Affiliate Programs Using PPC


Pay Per Click Advertising

Making affiliate sales can be a long and slow process, specially if you rely on SEO to generate traffic to your websites, Search Engines are very complicated and sometimes their algorithms do not favor Affiliate Marketers, today we are going to find other sources of traffic that can generate sales or leads for your business.

How would you like to push a button and start getting targeted website traffic? Well Pay Per Click allows you to do that, pay per click advertising is an excellent way to get instant traffic to your site at a very low price, how does it work? Basically you select a content network, a Search Engine or a Directory to place ads on their sites, with pay per click you bid for a position of your ad, if you want to advertise on a search engine for a certain keyword you simply select what keywords you want to target and bid for a position. With the search engines PPC depends on how you want your keywords to be displayed, you can bid on a phrase or a single keyword, there is broad match and exact match also so if there are 8 ads displayed on the page where your keywords appear and the top ad is paying .50 cents per click you would have to pay .51 to be displayed above that ad.

One of the great things about pay per click advertising is that you only pay for every single click, it does not matter if your ad is displayed a thousand times you only pay for every click the only problem with PPC is click fraud but the companies have many ways to fight click fraud so the percentage of fraudulent clicks is very low.

Also with pay per click comes the content networks, this are sites where ads are displayed according to the content, if a site has a digital camera review ads about digital cameras will be
displayed, usually content networks are cheaper than search engines since a search is more targeted but you can get great conversions from both.

Here’s The Best Pay Per Click Advertising Networks

There are many pay per click companies here we show you the top ppc companies and their minimum bids, all of the companies listed here are legit and they drive great traffic at low prices.

Number one is Adwords they are the best PPC advertising company with their search engine Google, their Search Partners and their Content Network they allow you to get great traffic they have many tools to measure conversions and they have a minimum cost per click of only .01 cents you can

Bing Ads is another great pay per click company they have a content network of thousands of websites their minimum cost per click is only .05 cents.

Facebook Ads is another monster pay per click network, they have a large user based network and they generate millions of page views and impressions every month with great ROI, sign up today and get started.

Chitika is another pay per click site that has many great features like a minimum cost per click of only .03 cents, professional account management, performance reports and you get $25 when you sign up.

This sites are the best if you want to start with paid clicks there are many other smaller companies but this is a good start if you want to become an expert in the field. Remember that pay per click advertisements will cost you money and you will need to monitor results very carefully if you start losing money you will need to review your landing page, offer or ad placement.

The best thing to do is to setup a monthly budget as part of your Internet Marketing efforts, these companies have a ton of targeting options and you want to make sure you understand their system and how they work, you do not want to dive in and start spending money without really knowing what your market is, your demographics and your target visitors, be sure to spend the time optimizing your landing page for conversions and learn how each advertising network works, if you invest the time you can have a lot of profitable Pay Per Click campaigns.

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