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Since the Internet is becoming more and more advanced each and every day. It is becoming more accessible to people around the globe and the number of websites are greatly increasing too. Each and every day, you could see new websites being launched. This has actually led up to great increase in the number of web hosting providers. If you could truly understand the technology being used in making your website, you could surely choose the best hosting for this matter. Well, if a certain site is created with ASP .net framework, then choosing a good hosting is not totally different from others.

What exactly is ASP and why do you need web hosting?

ASP is the next level of ASP or Active Server Pages and both of them are registered products of Microsoft. This is the reason why, ASP .net works only on the Windows based platform and other Microsoft products. This framework actually provides the flexibility of getting massive amount of data with less work for coding. As the application works on .Net framework, it could work in any sort of .Net languages, like the C# and VB .Net. The features as well as the functions of such application framework had made it easier for the developers to create dynamic web pages as well as applications with less amount of code and manage it with more efficiency.

Websites that are made using this application could only be hosted on any of the three kinds of .net hosting. So, what is the best ASP .net web host? This the question that we’ll answer for you today, there are many hosting providers out there like Godaddy and even though there are not too many free asp companies I will tell you that it is worth the cost since owning your own domain name and hosting your website will always have a positive return on your investment. 

Microsoft ASP.net

Virtual hosting: This kind of ASP .net web host offers a dedicated server. The only thing is that, these kinds of hosting with tangible equipment are then shared with the other users. This is somewhat expensive, yet it provides significant improvement in attributes as well as storage space. The average cost of this kind is something like $24 and offers a storage capacity of 60GB. In addition to this, it also provides SQL databases at some extent.

Shared Hosting: With such, the web pages as well as applications of different clients of web hosting provider being stored on similar server. It is the most affordable kind of ASP .net hosting, which is available in the market. This one cost at about $5 a month. The only thing is that, there are restrictions for hosting at this one. It only provides something like 1GB storage space and single database of SQL. It is only ideal for the individual webmasters or small firms.

Hosting ASP.NET is the name that has the hosting of these files on the hard drives of servers connected to the Internet 24 hours a day, allowing their visibility and their constant use. These servers organize their space by hosting multiple Websites or Web Sites but assigning them different IPs, so that they share the hard drive but their access is separately.

It is the so-called Shared Hosting and also the most economical as it significantly reduces the maintenance costs of servers unlike so-called Dedicated Hosting whose server is also outsourced and connected to the internet 24 hours a day with an exclusive rental in which the customer publishes only their own Websites and applications and everything they want to store but at a higher cost.

Familiarizing those web hosts mentioned above could help you find the best ASP .net web host to take.

Who is the best Windows .Net Framework Web Host

There are dozens of companies out there that offer Windows web hosting at different prices, most of these companies have different services and plans and it can be very hard to pick the right company for your needs and this can be an overwhelming task, the bottom line is that you need a solid and reliable Windows web hosting company that will allow you to create and support Windows based applications for your web developers, this is the reason why you need to take your time when choosing a good web hosting company.

A lot of companies chose to use .Net as their main business and technology infrastructure which integrate easily with Microsoft products increasing it’s popularity. 

Hostgator can Host your Windows Applications for you

In my opinion, Hostgator offers one of the best Windows web hosting services in the industry, they have different plans to meet your needs. Everything from single domain .net Windows hosting plans to Enterprise level web hosting, you will find the perfect plan that will fit your needs.

How many domains are you looking to host, if you need a single domain being hosted there is a plan for that, or if you need to host multiple domains with positive SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address they can help you as well, plans start as low as $5 dollars a month and you can even get an Enterprise level plan for as little as $14 dollars a month, as you can see these plans provide very competitive prices and they will allow you to deploy your Windows apps in no time, here is how you can get started!

  1. Go to Hostgator.com and sign up for an account
  2. Select a .net Windows plan
  3. Select how many domains you want to host or register a new one if you need it.
  4. Build your .net website or web applications

If you sign up using my link you’ll get a better deal, you can start your free trial today and get started with your dotnet Windows ASP hosting plan. 

Simple as that, open your account today and start developing your web apps today and start making money online, building dotnet applications can be a very profitable business and you will need a good ASP web hosting providers, you can also register your domain name if you do not have one yet.

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