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Making money with affiliate programs

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by promoting affiliate programs, the concept is very simple, you pick a product, they give you a special link and every time a lead or sale is generated from that link you get a percentage of the sale, this is great right! You do not need to worry about anything, no shipping or employees, nothing you get a cut every time that you generate a sale.

Commission Junction is a good way to start if you already own a website just apply for their program, after you are in all you will need to do is apply and start promoting their affiliates.

If you already have a website with good traffic all you will need to do is find a relevant product to promote, for example if you have a games or jokes site you can promote a website where you can buy games online or rent video games, this is just an example remember the more targeted your traffic is the more sales or leads you will generate.

Also remember that in order to generate leads or sales you will need lots of traffic, a site only getting a few unique visitors a day will not generate a lot of sales.

One thing that you need to know is that if you want to get more traffic you need unique content, do not copy other people articles just write your own. When writing your articles talk or recommend your affiliate products write a short review of it using your affiliate link.

In Commission Junction there are many product coupons that you can use, give them to your visitors you will get a commission from every sale that your site generates.

So you are probably wondering why should I promote others people products, well here is why!

This man generates sales

Making Affiliate Sales

1. There are no payment processing, your affiliate will take care of the whole transaction.
2. Low cost startup business, yes with some affiliates you don’t even need a website to start.
3. No customer service, yes do will never have a direct relation with customers.
4. Once you are successful you can repeat the process and increase your revenue.

Now that you have your website and your affiliate code you will need to start driving targeted traffic to your site, you will need hundreds of visitors a day to generate sales you can wait and get free traffic from the search engines or you can and start driving pay per click traffic to your site. The more traffic that you can drive the better remember traffic is key if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Challenges in 2019

As you can see, Affiliate Marketing is an awesome business, basically all you do is be the promoter of a business, service or product and you get to enjoy the benefits of the the commission, simple as that! Here is the deal though, in 2019 there are new challenges, new competition and you have to work hard and smart to generate those sales, below I am going to share some limitations and challenges and how to over come them.

  1. You have to treat affiliate marketing as your very own business. If you want to generate sales or leads you have to do the work that a salesman would do, you have to offer business cards, print flyers, post classified ads, run advertisements, you need to be on social media, have a blog and do SEO, you cannot expect sales if all you do is have a blog where you barely post any articles.
  2. You have to post content, a LOT of content if what you are looking is to generate free traffic from search engines, your 200 or 300 word article is simply not going to cut it, you have to post information on your website that is truly useful and helpful, your content needs to solve a problem or answer a question in order to generate a lead or sale, stop spamming or copying content from other sites and create content that is relevant to your business.
  3. You need to be everywhere – As you know, the old days of the Internet being a simple search website like Altavista or a website directory like Yahoo are long gone, we are constantly fighting for eye balls and in 2019, your content needs to be everywhere! No matter what product or services you are promoting, you need to be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You also need to be creating high quality unique videos for Youtube and you need to have a blog where you post content multiple times a week, you need to be everywhere your potential customers can be, building a basic HTML website is simply not going to work, if you do this you will find success and make those sales.

You need to build a mailing list RIGHT NOW

Email marketing and list building

Build an email list today

We have covered in this article the reasons why Affiliate Marketing is a great business to be in, we have talked about how to generate traffic to your affiliate program and now it is time to retain that traffic and have the ability to reach out to your customers, in 2019 this is critical and you need to build your email list today!

Why is this so important? Just think about it, virtually any website out there requires an email address where they can contact you any time they need you, email is still huge on the Internet and you work hard to generate all of this traffic and you need a way to retain your traffic. When you have a list, you are able to send your potential customers new updates, new content or offers in just a few clicks, you do not need to pay again for that traffic and you can build a list of thousands of customers that you can have them view your offers the moment that you want to do so.

Building a mailing list server can be complicated, there are many services out there that can manage all of the technical aspects at a low fee, AWeber is one of those services that can take care of your list building needs for a low monthly fee, this is an investment that will yield huge returns for you.

As you can see, there is a lot of money to be made out there! If you invest the time and effort you will succeed, continue to work hard every day and never stop providing value to the visitors that take the time to go and see your content and continue to offer quality products and services and the sales will come through!

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