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One of the most important pieces of advice that I have received is to start a mailing list, as you may already know generating traffic is extremely difficult, it takes a long time to rank for the terms that you want and it is very hard to retain your traffic, one easy way that you can recycle some of that traffic is by creating a mailing list, having your own list allows you to retain some of the traffic that comes to your website, when a visitor allows decides to subscribe to your list it allows you to contact those visitors over and over, once you have their email address you can send them updates and information that will ultimate bring them back to your website. Having a mailing list is a must of you are an internet marketer and today I will show you how to start one and how to get people to subscribe and become return visitors.

What are good mailing list services?

There are many mailing list services out there, as I recommended before, hosting your own and having your own mailing list server can be complicated and costly, one of the most popular services out there is Constant Contact, they offer many ways to keep in touch with your users and customers and prices are very affordable, I know many people that use this service and are happy so far.

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How to create a mailing list template

Now that you have a mailing list service or software, it’s time to build a mailing list template, this is an important step because you don’t want to create an email every single time that you send it an email to your subscribers, a template will allow you to have an email created and it will fill out the things like your subscriber names, time of the day, date, etc, most mailing list applications will store the user names and emails in the database and fill out that info as needed, I highly recommend to use a third party provider instead of hosting your own mailing list since it will save you time, plus the technical knowledge required to build a mailing list server is high and it will also be very expensive.

What are the advantages of having a mailing list?

Having a mailing list has many, many advantages. Being able to communicate with your customers, readers and visitors is key to maintaining a solid relationship with them, people are busy and not everyone can remember your website URL or they have time to bookmark your website, having the ability to keep in touch a couple of times a month is important for them to keep your website on their mind, when creating a mailing list you have to be careful that you don’t get flagged as SPAM, always make sure to limit the amount of emails that you send and to respect when a person wants to be removed. Another great benefit of owning an email list is branding, by providing useful information regarding your business you are establishing a relationship that will last a lifetime, you do not need to always sell to get people to buy from you, by giving them useful content you will become an authority and your fans will more likely buy from you since they trust you.

Can you start a mailing list using Outlook?

So, if you are looking to build a smart email list the short answer is yes, Outlook will allow you to create a small list of emails and contacts and email them directly, this is a great solution for companies that have a small list of contacts, with an Outlook email list you can send them an email a few times a month with no issues, how ever asĀ  your list grows and you want to grow your client base you will want to use a service that will allow you to manage your list more efficiently, the option to automatically subscribe or unsubscribe will need to be available to your users, also you want to schedule emails and delay, features that Outlook lacks, if you are just getting started and want to keep in touch with a small group of customers Outlook is a good option while your list grows.

Adding a mailing list using WordPress

WordPress is one of my favorite blog platforms, it is very easy to install and configure and it allows anyone to start a blog literally in under an hour or less, with WordPress you can have a custom them and you can customize it to look exactly the way you want it, not only does it allow you to do all of this but it also allows you to have your own mailing list, there are may ways that you can achieve this but the easiest in my experience is by installing a WordPress Plugin like WP Subscribe Pro, this plugin allows you to build your own list with a few clicks, as I recommended before, if you do not have more than 100 subscribers I do not recommend paying for a special service, how ever if your blog is growing I highly recommend that you have a third party manage your list, this plugin cost a bit under $20 dollars and it is easy to use and install.

Should a small business start a mailing list?

Owning a small business can sometimes seem like it is a lot of work, most small companies have very small amounts of employees and most of them are doing multiple tasks, the reality is that having a mailing list is very important if you want to grow your business, it is actually one of the most important aspects of you being able to communicate with your customers, no matter what kinds of business you have, even if you own a pizza shot, having a list of customers and a way or reaching out to them is very, very important, to succeed you need an email list or a list of addresses so you can reach out and send offers to your customers, no matter if you are reaching out online of offline, keeping in touch with your customers will allow you to bring them back and get their business at a fraction of the price, please take action today and build your mailing list.

Creating a mailing list in cPanel

Most likely, if you are trying to start your own email list you already have a web hosting account with cPanel, if not well then let me explain, cPanel is the dashboard that allows you to manage your domains, SQL databases and email accounts in your web hosting account, cPanel also has the option to create a mailing list and it is very easy to do, this is a great option if you do not want to pay a third party and you are ok with managing your very own list, if you decide to do this you will save a lot of money!

If you do not have a web hosting account you can open an account with Hostgator, they will allow you to host unlimited domains, create multiple mailing list and have as many email accounts as you wish, plus the prices are very reasonable and their service is excellent.


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